Pathlinker Interactome Weighting

This week I began to write code to weight the Pathlinker Interactome using the Bayesian Weighting Scheme. This will be useful to compare the HIPPIE and the Pathlinker Interactome but it also serves as a check to confirm whether the code accurately weights the interactomes. The Pathlinker Interactome was initially weighted using the same scheme and so the weights generated should match the pre-existing weights of the interactome. Next steps will involve comparing the two interactomes.

I spent some time writing code that allows conversion of a list of Uniprot IDs to the common name of the genes. This code will probably prove useful at some later point. I extended this to convert from Ensemble IDS to Uniprot IDs as well. However, the Ensemble and Uniprot databases do not entirely overlap and so there are some Ensemble IDs with no corresponding Uniprot IDs. I currently have no ideas about how to solve this problem but it does not appear to be one that needs to be urgently solved.