Post-Production (aka Editing)

Edit the Project with Video Editing Software

Video editing software choices for pc-users

Here’s a list of possible video editing software choices.

Video editing software choices for Mac-users

iMovie is an easy free tool installed on most Macs, and is the best video editing software for its price (free!). For users needing more functionality, they may want to try Final Cut Pro (an Apple-only product) or Adobe Premiere Pro (also available for pcs).

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Common layout elements for any video editor software tool

  • An area where your media (audio, video, photos) is stored/organized.
  • Timeline
  • Viewer area to see the timeline’s media as it plays back
  • Transitions and titles library

Common tasks and issues to fix in editing

  • Bad audio – recorded too low or high.
  • Abrupt drop in/out of audio – use quick fade up/down for music.
  • Poor framing/composition – review rule of thirds, symmetry, remove distracting elements
  • Color correction
  • Ken Burns: how to do it; variations