Mobile App Recommendations

This list is currently focused on iOS apps, but we will add Android and Windows mobile apps in the future. We would love to hear about your favorite mobile apps – email us!

Apps for reading
Bluefire Reader: Lets you read library ebooks on the iPad.
Feedly: RSS feed reader.
Flipboard: Design your own “magazines” from a variety of sources.
iBooks: Apple’s reader for books from the iBooks store and PDFs.
Instapaper: Save stories from across the web and read them later in a distraction-free format.
Kindle: To read Amazon ebooks and sync your reading across all your devices.
Pocket: Similar to Instapaper, but more visually oriented.
Readability: Another “read it later” app to collect materials from the web.

Apps for annotating PDFs and other documents
iAnnotate PDF
PDF Expert

Apps for taking and organizing notes
Evernote: Stores notes and files in the cloud so you can access them from any device.
Notability: Support for typed and handwritten notes, images, voice narration, and more.
Notes: The iPad’s built-in notetaking app.
OneNote: Microsoft’s cross-platform notes app.
Penultimate: Create beautiful handwritten notes; optional integration with Evernote.
Post-it Plus: Take photos of your Post-It notes and organize them into “boards.”
WritePad: Changes your handwritten notes into typed text as you write.

Apps for the performing arts
Amazing Slow Downer: Slow down any track while maintaining pitch.
Animoog: Moog synthesizer that captures the vast sonic vocabulary of Moog synthesizers and applies it to the modern touch surface paradigm.
Capo: Put in an audio file; Capo analyzes it and shows you the chords for a variety of stringed instruments.
DeepDish GigBook: Sheet music viewer
Ear Training: Ear training app
Everyday Looper: Looper for the iPad.
Figure: A new instrument designed just for the iPad.
Fourier Touch: Theremin simulator.
GarageBand: Apple’s midi/analog multitrack recording
Guitar Toolkit: Tuner, metronom, and scales for guitars, basses, and ukeleles.
iDensity: Performance focused granular synth app for morphing imported/recorded or live audio.
iElectribe: Virtual interface of Korg’s classic analog synth beat making sequencer
iMS20: Beautiful recreation of the MS-20 analog synth for the iPad.
iReal Pro: Simulates a band that can accompany you as you practice and lets you collect chord charts from your favorite songs for reference.
KineScribe: Labanotation app developed by former Reed dance professor Hannah Kosstrin.
Moving Space: 3D visualization of the Labanotation scales.
Multitrack DAW: Multitrack analog recording of instruments, voice, etc. Up to 24 tracks!
Orchestra: Experience classical music like never before. Interactive score and instrument learning app.
Pianist Pro: Virtual keyboard.
Seline Ultimate: A new instrument designed just for the iPad.
Spark Basic: Movement analyzing video/still image app for athletes and dancers.
Subdivide: Advanced subdivision metronome.
Voice Memos: One button recording app for individual instrument recording or audio notetaking