Mirror your ipad or iphone’s screen to your Mac computer

Note: You can record your ipad/iphone screen with the native screen recording built into the device. Apple has a good tutorial on how to record your ipad/iphone screen.

Mirroring your iphone to your ipad can be useful in a number of ways:

  • if you’re sharing your Mac screen with someone remotely such as a Zoom or Google Meet video meeting, and want to demonstrate an app on your iphone or ipad, or want to annotate something that is on your ipad.
  • if you want to record actions performed on your mobile device, but don’t want to use the native recording app built into the ipad. Click on the record button in quicktime while the device is mirroring, and save the video. (If you are recording your mobile device you may want to review some screencasting tips – these apply to your mobile device recording as well!)

Equipment needed

  • Quicktime player installed (should be there by default).
  • A cord that will connect your device to your computer.

Here’s a youtube video that explains the process of mirroring your iphone or ipad to your Mac.