Creating and editing H5P content in WordPress

Accessing H5P Content

H5p can be accessed by logging into your blog, then going to your blog’s Dashboard; click on the H5P Content menu item on the left side. Click on the Add New button when this menu opens up.

Choose the content type you want to add. Each content type is different, so you may be presented with different choices, depending on what you want to do.

Regardless of the content type, the process is the same for each content type:

  1. create your content type
  2. save your content type
  3. copy the shortcode
  4. paste the shortcode into an empty block in a page or post where you want to display the content. An example of shortcode will look like this:

You can edit your H5P content at any time, and the page/post that it is embedded on will update automatically.

Creating a Find Multiple Hotspots content module

Here’s a help video that can walk you thru the process for creating and editing H5P content for the Find Multiple Hotspots content module; otherwise, follow the help documentation below.

Example workflow for the Find Multiple Hotspots content type

  • Follow the above steps to access and create an
  • Add a title that will describe your content.
  • Add the background image you would like to use. The image will need to be on your computer, not in your wordpress media library.
  • Click on the hotspots tab.
  • Enter a task description, if desired.
  • Enter a hotspot name, if desired.
    • Choose either the circle or rectangle shape, and move it to where you want the hotspot to be on your image.
    • You can add a message to your viewer to say they have found the hotspot.
    • Repeat these steps for as many hotspots as you want to add.
  • After you are done, click on the blue Create button at the top right.
  • Copy the shortcode on the top right Shortcode box, which will looks something like this:
  • paste this code into an empty block area of any page or posting that you want to publish your H5P content.

An example of using multiple hotspots can be seen below.