production image by Bill Rice
  • Gather media. Hopefully you have gathered some multimedia resources from the pre-production phase, and have some high resolution images to work with.
  • Recording video. Be sure to know the rule of thirds and other framing techniques, as well as know some lighting basics before hitting the Record button for your videos.
  • Recording audio. Read some quick audio recording tips.

Here’s a few pages to help you in the video production process:

Screen capturing and screen recording on your Mac

There’s links in the post-production section on how to record or screen capture your Mac computer screen, but here’s those links here, as these techniques are often used during the production process.

Tips on Interviewing People

There’s a slide deck for interviews 101; the main takeways are:

Before recording:

  • Research the interviewee and their subject. 
  • Test out the recording equipment beforehand.
  • Know how to compose your subject in the video camera frame accordingly (know the rule of thirds!); test out the framing beforehand with a test subject, if possible.

During recording:

  • Monitor your audio recording to make sure your microphone isn’t recording any unwanted sound. The microphone is placed on the table, but is picking pu a lot of noises from acitons on the table, such as the table being bumped and the water glasses and pitcher being moved around.