Screen Capturing your Mac Computer Screen

You may need to take a screen capture (or screenshot or grab; different terms, same idea) of your Apple’s desktop or laptop’s screen. Apple has got a screenshot page that lists this info. Here’s  the two most basic and commonly-used commands.

Copy your entire screen


Screenshot of a portion of your screen

Shift-Command-4; click and drag the crosshairs to isolate the content.


Screen Capture and Screen Recording Quick Tips

If screen recording or screen capturing any part of your screen, clean up your desktop to have your viewer have less distractions, which will help them focus on your content.

  • Temporarily put all your desktop items into one folder, ideally in a location away from the desktop.
  • Temporarily make the desktop background image a solid color.
  • Hide your dock.
  • Choose full screen (if it’s available) with the application that you’re going to screencapture.
  • If you’re recording a browser, close out any tabs that you won’t be using for your screencast or screen capture, and hide any bookmarks.