Sample Exercises for Students

Creating a multimedia project may be daunting; here’s a few possible exercises to have students work on to break the tasks down, allowing the student to focus on one or two areas.

Create an audio podcast

This helps a student focus on the story, and not the visuals. There are plenty of great podcasts out there as examples of storytelling, such as This American Life or Radiolab.

Tell a story without narration

With no audio, tell a story with only images. You may want to look at examples from silent films, or have this Radiolab/NPR video as an example of a story without narration.

Record a script with still images

Record a script only with still images. This will help the student focus on the timing of the video (if video length is part of the assignment), and the delivery of the narration, while focusing less on the visual editing.

Show how music and sound enhances a podcast

Give a completed video without any sound embellishments. Have the students find sources and add them to the video. Or, have students identify the sound elements used in a video, such as this one on the racetrack.