Fall semester thesis checking

Graduating seniors – Two copies of your final signed and bound thesis must be presented to the Library before noon on Friday, December 14. This is a graduation requirement.

Library staff are available during the following times to check your thesis before binding and then to accept your bound thesis.

Dec. 6-7, 10AM-5PM at the Library Reference Desk

Dec. 10-13, 10AM-5PM at the Library Reference Desk
Dec. 14, 9AM-12PM at the Library Reference Desk
If you can’t make these hours contact: Annie Downey (adowney@reed.edu).

Library hours Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend hours for the library are as follows –

Hauser:  Wednesday 11/21 closed at midnight.  Closed 11/22.  Open 10a-5p 11/23.  Regular hours resume Saturday 11/24.

IMC and PARC:  Closed 11/22-11/24. Regular hours resume Sunday, 11/25.


IMC Feature – Horror movies!

With the approach of All Hallows’ Eve, consider one of the many fine films in the horror genre to copilot your quasi-satanic celebration.  Remember “video” in the call# means VHS – those scary looking tapes that your parents used to watch.  Never fear – we have VHS players in the IMC (Lib32).  And for your own horror-movie, haunted-house, film-fest, don’t forget to reserve a projector and screen from the IMC.  Trigger warnings include gore, death, decapitation, dismemberment, disembowelment, impalement, defenestration, immolation, annihilation, skinning, scalping, sex and violence – and some bad acting.

IMC horror film annotations


Library hours fall break

Library hours for fall break as follows:

Hauser:  Closing at 8p Fri/Sat, 10/12-10/13

IMC:  Closed Sat/Sun/Sat of fall break.  Mon-Fri, noon-5p.  Regular hours resume Sun, 10/21.

PARC: Closed Sat/Sun of fall break.  Mon-Fri, 1-5p.  Regular hours resume Sat, 10/20

Thesis desk lottery

Thesis Desk Lottery

Random numbers for the Senior thesis desk lottery will be drawn from the official 470 list.  If you are a senior, but are not yet registered for 470, and want to be included in the drawing, please come to the circulation desk and have your name added to the lottery list by Monday, September 10.  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Studio Art, and Psychology majors are not eligible for thesis desks in the Library.

The list of numbers will be posted Tuesday, September 11 along with a map of thesis desk locations, so that you can have preferences in mind before the actual selection.

The choosing of desks will begin at noon on Wednesday, September 12 in the library lobby.  You or your proxy must be present when your name is called.  Lottery numbers are not transferable.

NOTE:  Some desks, as indicated on the map, will be shared.  In order to help create the most pleasant sharing arrangement possible, the person with the better number may bring in as a partner another senior on the list who has a lower number.  Please make those arrangements before the noon time selection and let us know that is your plan when your name is called.

Any questions contact Brian Kelley

IMC summer feature – TV time!


Back in the early 80s, the advent of cable tv gave us a lot of channels but not a lot of good programming (although MTV did play music videos). As the creative class slowly filled the void, production costs plummeted with the development of inexpensive digital workstations and cameras. The resulting synchronicity of creativity and processing power produced an explosion of content that moved the concept of television broadcasting into the realm of video narrowcasting. Although the content has been spread over many delivery vehicles, the library chooses to focus on the high-definition, full-fidelity and fully-legal medium of DVD (you can checkout a DVD drive for your laptop from the IMC).  Below is a link to some of our favorites – in no particular order.  Enjoy!

IMC’s best of TV

Senior books due Thursday, May 10

Graduating seniors – please return all library books by Thursday, May 10 (or earlier!)
You can check your account to see which books you still have out here.
All other students – books are due Friday, May 11. If you would like to check out books over the summer, please stop by the circulation desk between May 7 – May 11.