Streaming video through Reed Library

Reed College Library provides access to streaming video databases with content varying by platform. Please note Kanopy and Swank require apps to play on mobile devices.

  • Academic Video Online A comprehensive streaming video database of 67,000+ titles with subject areas including social sciences, film, history, music, news, and more. Featuring content from Sony Classic Pictures, PBS, CBS news, CNN, BBC Landmark, and several documentaries.
  • Kanopy Streaming video platform with varying content as licenses are added for course reserves. Includes films from the Criterion collection, Kino Lorber, and several documentaries.
  • Swank Streaming video platform with varying content as licenses are added for course reserves. Includes a small collection of feature films.
  • Digital Theatre+ Theatre productions from the world’s leading arts organizations. They also provide educational resources such as interviews, essays, lectures, and study guides.
  • Drama Online Provides access to dramatic texts from a wide variety of playwrights, selected critical texts, audio recordings, and several Royal Shakespeare Company productions.
  • Medici tv A variety of musical productions including ballet, opera, concerts, and documentaries.
  • Met Opera on Demand Full-length performances from the Metropolitan Opera, including the Met’s Live in HD series of movie theater transmissions.
  • Streaming video of full-length performances from On the Boards, a Seattle-based center for contemporary performance.

Library Lobby Survey results: “Do you prefer print books or ebooks? If ebooks, which platform?”

This week’s library lobby survey asked the question, “Do you prefer print books or ebooks? If ebooks, which platform?” with options of “Proquest”, “EBSCO”, “Taylor & Francis”, and a “Write in Response” option. Results are in!

  • Proquest: 32 votes
  • EBSCO: 15 votes
  • Taylor & Francis: 6 votes
  • Write in Response: 14 votes

Write in responses skewed towards print books, with 10 total votes, including one print vote stating “Print books 120%.” Other answers were:





  • Total: 67 votes

Library Lobby Surveys happen (almost) every Tuesday. Stop by to cast your vote and get some candy! We love to receive feedback from you all.

Thesis Desk Lottery

Random numbers for the Senior thesis desk lottery will be drawn from the official 470 list.  If you are a senior, but are not yet registered for 470, and want to be included in the drawing, please come to the circulation desk and have your name added to the lottery list by Monday, September 16.  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Studio Art, and Psychology majors are not eligible for thesis desks in the Library. 

The list of numbers will be posted Tuesday, September 17 along with a map of thesis desk locations, so that you can have preferences in mind before the actual selection.

The choosing of desks will begin at noon on Wednesday, September 18 in the library lobby.  You or your proxy must be present when your name is called.  Lottery numbers are not transferable.

NOTE:  Some desks, as indicated on the map, will be shared.  In order to help create the most pleasant sharing arrangement possible, the person with the better number may bring in as a partner another senior on the list who has a lower number.  Please make those arrangements before the noon time selection and let us know that is your plan when your name is called.

Any questions contact Brian Kelley

Trial of Literary Print Culture: The Stationers’ Company Archive, 1554-2007

We are pleased to offer a trial of The Stationers’ Company Archive, an enlightening resource for understanding the workings of the early book trade, the printing and publishing community, the establishment of legal requirements for copyright provisions and the history of bookbinding. Explore extremely rare documents dating from 1554 to the 21st century in this resource of research material for historians and literary scholars.

Please note that PDF downloads are not available during the trial.

Our trial is available through November 8th. Please send questions and trial feedback to Erin Gallagher, Director of Collection Services.