Library Lobby Survey results: “Internet Privacy…”

This week’s library lobby survey had the statement, “Internet Privacy…” with options of “concerns me”, “don’t know, don’t care”, “I don’t know enough to be scared” and a “Write in Response” option. Results are in!

  • concerns me: 88 votes
  • don’t know, don’t care: 12 votes
  • I don’t know enough to be scared: 29 votes
  • Write in Response: 11 votes

Admittedly the response choices were leading and we appreciate people making note of that! An interesting meme reference and concerns about current politics were some of the write in responses:

-Bring back Reed’s own email. Free ourselves from Google

-I do know but don’t care mostly b/c there’s always a way around

-these answer choices offered skew the responses you get

-Emwee [Ennui?] and the karma got its kiss for me girl are the same person

-I’m not concerned about my personal privacy, but I am concerned about how the influx of irrelevant information impacts our politics

-also these answer choices are biased

-I know enough and don’t care

-I would like some, Please

-I feel that it is naïve and paranoid to put a lot of weight onto the importance of internet privacy. The political and economy system we are part of all but encourages companies to take full advantage of what we do on our computers. The true issue is the system itself. Be concerned for the state of our government not for your petty privacy.

-Data is the new oil- Andrew Yang Yanggang 2020

-not concerned, but curious

  • Total: 140 votes

Library Lobby Surveys happen (almost) every Tuesday. Stop by to cast your vote and get some candy! We love to hear feedback from you all.