Reference Assistant Spotlight: Yoela

Name: Yoela (they/them)
Year: Senior
Major: Religion

Favorite library resource: The stacks! Specifically rolling through the stacks to find book after book

Favorite place to study in the library: North stacks basement and miscellaneous second floor couches

Reason you wanted to be a reference assistant: I love the Reed library! A Reed librarian taught me how to find physical book copies my first year at Reed and I spent the rest of the year navigating the maze of books. I wanted to be a reference assistant to help future students and soak up more of that library glory.

Hardest thing about research: I always have a hard time finding a myriad of sources that approach a topic from different angles, while ensuring that they are all scholarly and peer-reviewed.

Favorite thing about Reed: Crunchy buildings, different colored leaves, gargoyles, nooks and crannies.

Cool class you’ve taken at Reed: Semantics of Love in Sufism with Kambiz Ghanea Bassiri. In the class, we explored the development of Sufism over time in the Islamic world and traced changing themes in the evolution of Islamic mystical thought.

Favorite hidden gem in Portland: Sellwood Riverfront Park!