We heart Reed Switchboard

This season of fresh starts and affectionate missives is the perfect time to announce our exciting new partnership with Reed Switchboard—an online forum for Reedies to connect with one another about jobs, housing, and other goods and services. Like Craigslist (but especially for Reedies), on Switchboard you can ask for what you need and offer what you have to give.

We are fortunate to have a student worker who serves as a public face and a wonderful advocate for Reed Switchboard. I am pleased to introduce our community manager, Kaori Frieda ’15, and share the announcement in her own words.

—Mike Teskey, director, alumni & parent relations


I’m Kaori Freda ‘15, a junior art major who loves Reed College. I’m writing to announce Reed’s official partnership with Switchboard.

If you haven’t heard of it: Switchboard is a networking site created by Reedies. It is a place where Reedies can ask for what they need, and offer what they have to give; examples include jobs, internships, mentorship, advice, places to stay in cities around the world, and even a chance to sail the Mediterranean. Students, alumni, staff, faculty, parents, and friends connect there to find opportunities and meet each other’s needs.

Alumni and students have logged countless success stories, from finding jobs at the World Health Organization to finding hosts in New York and San Francisco. Take me, for example. Through Switchboard, Mara ‘02 and Andrew ‘02 hosted me in Florence, Italy. Then they connected me with an internship with Harvard in Italy. These connections happen every day through Switchboard. Reedies share a special connection and as alumni, you have much to offer and ask of the Reed community.

Let me be the first to personally invite you to use Switchboard: post your own ask or offer, browse the site for opportunities, and see the successful connections being made by Reedies around the globe. On Switchboard you can help a Reedie out and strengthen what we mean when we say “Love Reed.” We have almost 1,000 posts, and more are added every day.

I look forward to sending you the occasional update, and watching the Reed community flourish and support one another on this new platform.

Warmest wishes,

Kaori Freda ‘15 and Alumni & Parent Relations

P.S. Mark your calendars for an open house celebrating this union on Thursday, February 20, 6-8 p.m. at the offices of Wieden+Kennedy in Portland’s Pearl District!

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Strategic planning: preliminary reports

As you may recall, the college embarked on a comprehensive strategic-planning effort last fall. Those living nearby or who traveled to campus had opportunities to participate in strategic-planning discussions at Reunions ’13 and Leadership Summit in September 2013 in addition to the public forums on campus held by the working groups. Recordings of those working group sessions are available on the strategic planning website.

In addition, a group of alumni and parents (as well as a Reed student), called Strategic Planning Partners (SP2) have been working in parallel to the on-campus process, focusing narrowly on three topics introduced at Leadership Summit. After instruction from the working groups, SP2 will conduct an alumni survey in the coming weeks to gain further insights on questions related to strategic planning. Please look for this survey to arrive via email in mid-February and respond as soon as you are able. For you to receive this survey, it is imperative that we have your most current email address; please double check your contact info within the IRIS directory.

With thanks for the hard work by all members of the 11 working groups and participation by the Reed community in discussion forums this fall, we are pleased to share preliminary reports online. On each report, you will find a link to provide comments to the working group leadership. You can also send general comments about the strategic-planning process to strategicplanning@reed.edu.

It remains our plan that final reports will be completed in April. The Reed College board of trustees will meet with the faculty and the college’s senior staff in June to consider these reports. Additional information can be found on the strategic planning website.

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Thomas Lamb Eliot Award

thomas_lamb_eliotWhat do Richard Danzig ’65, Barbara Ehrenreich ’63, and Gary Snyder ’51 have in common (other than being Reed College alumni)? They are the first three honorees of the college’s Thomas Lamb Eliot award (Danzig was the first recipient in 2011). Who will be the fourth? Help us grow the pool of potential recipients by nominating a worthy graduate.

Officially, the award is called the Thomas Lamb Eliot Award for Lifetime Achievement by a Reed College Graduate. Here are the criteria:

  • Achievement: The awardee should have achieved distinction in one or more fields of endeavor. That distinction should be based on the quality and importance of his or her contributions to those fields or to society. The awardee’s record of achievement should be both intrinsically impressive and importantly consequential for the world. Popular fame is not necessary, but recognition by experts in one’s field is necessary.
  • Record of achievement: The awardee should have produced a record of achievement over a sustained period. A single achievement, no matter how impressive, is unlikely to be enough to merit a nomination.
  • Exemplifies Reed values: In addition to the distinction of the awardee and the quality of his or her record of achievement, it is important that the awardee exemplify qualities that valued by the college, including intellectual rigor, independence, and integrity.

Each year, the past presidents of the alumni association provide the college with a list of names for the college to consider, and then a panel of faculty and staff forwards a recommendation to the president and the board of trustees.

We seek names and are open to nominations for this year until March 15. Nominations stay in the pool for consideration in subsequent years, so even if you miss this deadline, please consider submitting a name to alumni@reed.edu.


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Free dorm lodging through February 1

anna_mannIt’s showtime! Reunions ’14: Reedfayre will be June 4–8. Join the audience of alumni as the curtain goes up on campus in its finest seasonal form: summer! We’re putting all of the acts together at a fayre for all Reedies, no matter your affinity year.

Online registration is now available, and dorm lodging is free when you sign up before February 1. Register early and spread the word to your friends (and tell them you follow Reed College Reedfayre 2014 on Facebook)!

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The Marketplace at Reedfayre ’14

ReuMarketplace13_honeyIn the days of ancient Greece, you could head down to the market of Athens and purchase papyrus imported from Egypt, salt fish from Scythia, as well as the olive oil, figs, and wine that were ample throughout the city-states. Reed’s own Marketplace (formerly Gastronomy Northwest) will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. on the Saturday of Reunions ’14: Reedfayre. While it won’t contain any salt fish or papyrus (unless there happen to be Reedies who make those things, in which case they should email Rob at rshryock@reed.edu!), it will have the finest things Reedies make such as beer, wine, brandy, food, art, clothing, and hand-knitted items.

For the cost of only $15, you can register for the Reunions Marketplace to enjoy samples of food and drink and to browse the wares of Reed’s most talented artisans. (Online registration will be available in early January.)

Check back in the spring for a list of purveyors. If you’re interested in participating or have questions, please send email to Rob Shryock ’13 at rshryock@reed.edu or call at 503/517-7836.

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Scriptorium on the Road recap

ScriptoriumROTR_headerSit up straight. Face your work. Keep that 45 degree angle on your pen.” –Greg MacNaughton ’89 channeling Lloyd Reynolds

Participants for whom calligraphy was an old friend, or who were experiencing it for the first time, heard these instructions and more in our Reed on the Road program for fall 2013, as we took the Calligraphy Scriptorium to our chapter cities. From San Francisco to Durham, Reedies brought their friends and family members to hear calligraphy-inititiave coordinator Gregory MacNaughton ’89 (pictured) deliver a compelling background talk followed by a calligraphy demonstration and instruction.

callig_vietnam_ncIn San Francisco, we were treated to special assistance from Georgianna Greenwood ’60. In Durham, the event was held at the North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics (NCSSM), and 25 students were able to join us; Jon Paul Davis ’93 (who teaches at NCSSM) took some fun photos.  In New York, Sumner Stone lent a hand and give a special talk. And so did Michael McPherson ’69 in Boston. From the casual comments to formal letters we received, it appears the program resonated with attendees.

And for those who missed it–or who did attend and want more–there will be a reprise of this popular program at Reunions ’14: Reedfayre, June 4-8, 2014.

Here’s to Lloyd Reynolds, Robert Palladino, the return of the program that they led, and the many people for whom it made a lasting impression!

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Art, Music, and Writing in the High Sierras

Art, Music, and Writing in the High Sierras
October 17-20

For those who want to both get away to a spectacularly beautiful setting and to have a hands-on experience honing your skills in areas of art, music, or writing, this is a weekend that will fit the bill. Work on your memoir in Steinbeck’s cabin. Sketch the landscape around Fallen Leaf Lake. Share some music around a campfire. Most of all, enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Reedies and friends at Stanford’s Sierra Camp Conference Center.

Alumni  instructors include Debra Ginsberg ’85 and John Daniel ’70 for writing, Georgianna Greenwood ’60 for calligraphy, and Lauren Sheehan ’81 for music.   The full line-up will be announced in February. If you enjoyed any of the past Alumni College programs on music and writing, then you will love this program as well.

Cost for the complete program, including instruction, three night’s lodging, all meals, and breaks is $800.  For additional information or to register, contact alumni@reed.edu.

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Flavors of Northern Italy

BorghettoFlavors of Northern Italy
October 11-19

Amarone-infused Risotto amidst Valpolicella vineyards. Behind the scenes with a tortellini maker from Valeggio sul Mincio. A simple gelato in beautiful Borghetto. Reed has once again partnered with Orbridge Travel for this exclusive opportunity. This program offers intimate experiences with celebrated Italian makers, producers, and chefs, showcasing age-old methods and ingredients of the Veneto and Emilia Romagna regions’ world-famous wine and cuisine. Make a beautiful, historic Italian wine estate outside Verona your base as you explore the region, visiting Verona’s Roman arena and other ancient sites, and discovering Italy’s cultural connection to farm and table along the way. Touring centuries-old wineries, tasting rare hand-made cheeses, and dining in homes of chefs and producers are just some of the exclusive highlights of this journey.

LunchWhat’s Included:
• Seven nights accommodation at an historic family-owned country retreat amidst a wine- and olive oil-producing estate
• Seven breakfasts, five lunches, and seven dinners incorporating a variety of Northern Italian preparations and ingredients, and—at lunches and dinners—regional wines
• All lessons, presentations, and tastings, as well as excursion transportation and entry fees
• Visits to vineyards and cellars in the famed Valpolicella and Trentino wine regions with exclusive private tastings
• Cheese making demonstration and tasting in the heart of Lessinia and Parma, homes to a delicious variety of Italian cheeses
• A visit to a tortellini producer to learn how to craft tortellini from experts, pasta-making and dessert classes, and a polenta-making demonstration during a visit with a renowned winemaker
• Guided visits to historic sites such as Verona’s famed Roman amphitheater and the Duomo di Parma with frescoes by Correggio
• A special visit near Modena for a tasting of fine and aged Balsamic vinegar—and a convivial meal with the maker
• Regional wines served with included meals
• All gratuities, including guides, drivers, porters, and hotel staff
• Airport transfers for guests arriving and departing on the suggested flights

cheese_1Accommodations: Borgo San Donino
Within arm’s reach of the rich Veneto and Emilia Romagna producing regions lies Borgo San Donino, a charming farmhouse on the Selva Capuzza wine estate. Stroll its grounds and you might see grape vines being carefully tended by hand or olives ripening for the estate’s own olive oil, just steps away from tables where the harvest is reincarnated in signature wines and local dishes. You might happen upon stone-built remnants from a forgotten time. Or, after a day’s adventures, you might restore your senses amidst the comfortable atmosphere of your apartment—inspired, as you will be, by the gorgeous surroundings.

Program Highlights:
• In the famed Valpolicella and Trentino wine regions, visit picturesque vineyards, discover local varietals, and enjoy exclusive tastings and presentations.
• While chefs and producers divulge secrets of their crafts, sample the best of Northern Italy’s bounty—from delicious cheeses, salumi, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil, to specialties like spiedini and sweet sbrisolona.
• Take in the area’s layered history, with visits to Verona’s 2,000-year-old Roman arena, contrasting with the magnificent medieval Castelvecchio along the River Adige; and the medieval walled city of Soave.
• Relax: included are all lessons, tastings, excursion transportation, accommodations, meals including seven breakfasts, five lunches, and seven dinners, and more.

Program Itinerary:
Day 1–2: En route from U.S. / Arrive Verona
Day 3: Verona
Day 4: Vallegio sul Mincio / Borghetto / Valpolicella
Day 5: Vallagarina / Lago di Garda
Day 6: Modena / Mantua
Day 7: Lessinia / Soave
Day 8: Sirmione
Day 9: Depart Verona
Optional Extension: Days 9-12 in Venice

What’s Included:
• Three nights accommodation at the Pensione Accademia (or similar), with breakfasts each morning
• Train ticket from Desenzano del Garda to Venice accompanied by your Orbridge travel director
• Water taxi transfer to and from your hotel on arrival and departure days

Reduced Alumni Rate:
From $3,995*

This program organized and managed by Orbridge Travel in partnership with the Reed College office of alumni & parent relations.

For additional information or to register, contact Orbridge directly by following this link:



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Oaxaca Culinary and Cultural Adventure

Oaxaca Culinary & Cultural Adventure
September 23-October 2, 2016

Organized by Jewel Murphy ‘82, this will be an intimate experience for those who value travel and learning experiences that touch all the senses. Oaxaca is a world heritage site that is unlike any other Mexican city. Sitting in the south-central part of the country at an elevation of 5,000 feet, this is truly vibrant colonial city with a rich and textured heritage.  This program is being repeated by popular demand.  The group who went with Jewel in 2014 raved about their experience.

Highlights and costs include:
• Private lectures, tastings and hands on activities exploring the history and uses of corn and chilies.
• Visits to two different indigenous markets that are only slightly different from what the Conquistadores found when they first came to the Americas. Sample everything to be offered and prepare for tastebud overload!
• Visits to small, home based, local, women-owned food businesses. Get an authentic glimpse of life in rural Oaxaca and explore the countryside. Learn about microfinance. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to help make tortillas or other traditional foods.
• Visits to archaeological sites and colonial churches where we’ll follow the unbroken thread of habitation from the first cities to the present day.
• Private cooking class with one of Oaxaca’s most renowned chefs. The opportunity to see first hand how mezcal is made including tastings!
• Most meals, including dining at many of Oaxaca’s finest restaurants. (Note we have allowed for two dinners on your own so that you may sample at your leisure from Oaxaca’s many offerings or we can arrange a dinner at the casa for you) Also included, homecooked, traditional meals at the casa and the best of local street food. Enjoy Alice Waters and Rick Bayless’s favorite places to eat in Oaxaca.
• Highly charming, entertaining, and educated English-speaking guides during most excursions. We have gathered some of the best guides in the region who can speak to the cultural history, politics, economy, food, and art of the region.

Full itinerary by our fearless leader, Jewel Murphy ’82.

• Nine nights lodging at one of Oaxaca’s most charming bed & breakfast operations–home to a tropical garden, a fantastic folk-art collection, and a wonderful library. This is a very special place to stay where you will feel pampered and taken care of.

Cost $2,395 per person.  Note: This is a small customized tour limited to a maximum of 10 participants (single supplement $300) that includes lodging, airport transfers, ground transportation, some meals, classes, and tours.

Tour cost does not include:
• Airfare or transportation to Oaxaca
• Gratuities or tips (which we encourage for guides and hotel staff)
• Alcoholic beverages (except during mezcal tastings)
• Shopping, personal, and other incidental expenses (note that we’ll have lots of opportunities to shop and there will be lots of temptation)

NOTE: There is a possibility of a four day post program add on for those who want to spend four relaxing days on the coast and studying tropical permaculture and local eating in a very beautiful, off-the-grid, hand-built cabin about 300 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

optional 4 day add on where
we travel to the coast and relax and  study tropical permaculture and local eating in a very
beautiful, off the grid, handbuilt cabin 300 feet above the Pacific Ocean?

For additional information or to register, contact alumni@reed.edu.

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Rare Books and Manuscripts of Washington, DC

DC Treasures: Rare Books & Manuscripts in three Classic Collections
September 12-15

A first-edition Linnaeus, the first books from Darwin’s voyage, and so much more awaits the bibliophiles and lovers of ideas who partake in this experience. Through their special connections arrangements, Gay Walker ’69, Reed’s special collections librarian and Leslie Overstreet ’71, rare-book librarian at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History, will introduce participant to books, prints, and manuscripts in three wonderful collections: the Library of Congress, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian.

We will also go behind the scenes and discuss conservation and collections with rare-book librarians and conservators in this intimate and exclusive opportunity to spend a long weekend immersed in books. Added to that will be visits to the relevant special exhibitions in the city.

• See rare editions of books and manuscripts that changed the way we think about and understand the world.
• Meet the people who work to conserve these rare books and manuscripts.
• Tour public and private collections and special exhibitions with expert guides to assist in the interpretation.
• Discuss the context and meaning of the books viewed.

Cost: $250 per person (includes opening reception, ground transportation, and contributions to conservation funds at participating institutions).

For additional information or to register, contact alumni@reed.edu.

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