Using H5p with WordPress

View some examples of H5P content below, or learn how to create your own.

Virtual Tour 360

This is an example of creating hotspots on a 360 degree photo, and either providing text info on certain areas (the + button), or providing links for further viewing (the arrow buttons). Links can be to separate webpages, or other images.

Branching Scenario

This is an example of H5P’s Branching Scenario, aka Choose Your Own Adventure, in beta format, so bear with the bugs 🙂

Image Juxtaposition

This is an example of the image juxtaposition, which can be useful for displaying before and after images. This particular example shows the original image of President Obama shaking hands with former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh, juxtaposed with an altered image to show him shaking hands with  Iranian president Hassan Rouhani.

Multiple Image Hotspots

This could be an example where you want a user to find or identify specific areas on an image. There is a status bar at the bottom to indicate the progress of how close a user is to finishing the task. View help pages on creating multiple image hotspots.