Gather Multimedia Resources

Gather multimedia such as audio, images, and videoclips for your project.

Keeping your sources organized

Try to keep your sources organized. Suggestions for doing so:

  • Add everything to a folder, with subfolders for images, audio, video, and/or text (add subfolders as needed).
  • Use consistent, transparent file names.
  • Track citation information in a separate document, or use a citation management system like Zotero.
  • Don’t feel compelled to use everything you find.

Copyright concerns

  • If finding things on the internet, make sure the media you are using is copyright free, or take note of any licensing requirements.
  • Read Reed College’s page on copyright information, which has guidelines on  fair use of copyrighted material.

Citing sources

UC Berkeley has a page on how to cite film, video, and online media for any written work.

Free sources of multimedia

The internet has a variety of resources for non-commercial use; here’s a list of audio, video, and still images that may be explored.