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Come to me with your conjugation, sentence structure, and proposition woes. I am happy to help you with assignments and concepts or use the time as a conversational hour in French. 

My schedule is relatively flexible. Reach out if the displayed times do not work for you. 

Labbie note: Holden can assist you in both 100 and 200 level French classes!

France’s Dua Lipa? C’est Vrai!

French pop sensation, Angèle, poses in a bold red top (red is her color). Photograph by Manuel Obadia-Wills.

Angèle, a Belgian pop singer, and absolute sensation in France, has been releasing boppy Francophone music since 2016. After a number of hit singles, she’s become a frequent player on France’s top charts. A recent collab even featured Dua Lipa (famous worldwide). Angèle’s music has a distinct sound and clearly enunciated songs, making them great for students learning French.

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