France’s Dua Lipa? C’est Vrai!

French pop sensation, Angèle, poses in a bold red top (red is her color). Photograph by Manuel Obadia-Wills.

Angèle, a Belgian pop singer, and absolute sensation in France, has been releasing boppy Francophone music since 2016. After a number of hit singles, she’s become a frequent player on France’s top charts. A recent collab even featured Dua Lipa (famous worldwide). Angèle’s music has a distinct sound and clearly enunciated songs, making them great for students learning French.

A recent collab with Dua Lipa, featuring Ms. Lipa in English, and Angèle in French.

I discovered Angèle while taking my first French class at Reed, in search of French music to play while I did homework. I turned to a friend that was studying abroad in France and pursuing a French major. Her playlists were full of this artist’s work. After a couple of listens, I understood why.

My favorite song by Angèle, on my favorite album of hers.

Her song “Balance ton quoi” in support of the French Me Too movement also received notoriety. Its title is a play on the trending hashtag #BalanceTonPorc [Denounce Your Pig] of the Me Too Movement. The song’s lyrics and music video all address France’s culture of sexism and issues of consent.

This music video offers a cheeky reply to sexist comments received by the artist and supports France’s Me Too movement.

Angèle’s music is available on all streaming platforms, and her music videos are also a fun watch! Check out Lolo Zouaï for a similar sound, with a slightly more techno-electronica feel.