Film Review: Les Cinq Diables (2022) by Léa Mysius

Les Cinq Diables (The Five Devils) by Léa Mysius is a strange and cerebral yet devastatingly heartfelt exploration of love and loss, and a thrilling opportunity to practice your French listening.

Adèle Exarchopoulos in Les Cinq Diables (2022)

The film follows a young family with a dark and unspoken history. Starring the extraordinary Sally Dramé as eight-year-old Vicky, a troubled child with an abnormally acute sense of smell, her seemingly banal life in a small town in the French Alps becomes increasingly less explicable with the arrival of her aunt Julia (Swala Emati) .

Sally Dramé as Vicky in Les Cinq Diables (2022)

Apart from the fascinating ambiguity of the story itself, I was captivated by this film’s complex characters and their brilliant portrayal by a cast of actors that are not only talented in their own right, but whose chemistry is striking.

Adèle Exarchopoulos and Swala Emati in Les Cinq Diables (2022)

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