How to Access Financial Assistance

As you learned in Hum 110, the ancients were well-acquainted with the ever-changing fortunes of humanity. One day we are raised up, the next day we trip and fall, and who knows what the future will bring? Perhaps the future is even a mystery to the Gods on Olympus?

If you are currently in a financial bind and feel unable to make, or even uncomfortable making, all of your purchases for Chem 201 and your other courses, Reed College is prepared to help you through this! The following instructions were provided by the offices of Student Life and Financial Aid this week, and they are standing by.

Please don’t hesitate to get the assistance we can offer. Remember that clicker usage is totaled up every day of class and two days have slipped past already. Likewise, a few days have already elapsed on the Sapling homework clock for Day 1. But clickers and Sapling need to be purchased, so don’t let a temporary financial problem derail your academic work. Here’s what you do:

First step, contact Sandy in Financial Aid. Sandy is the Director of Financial Aid and has considerable experience rendering assistance to students who are concerned about paying for textbooks and course materials. The financial binds that she routinely deals with include such things as a student who did not accept their full financial aid package, errors with aid dispursement, a student who is struggling to find work-study opportunities, and students whose financial situation has changed and they haven’t had a chance to notify Financial Aid. Sandy cannot solve every  problem, but if she runs out of tools, she can refer you to other appropriate financial resources. So start with Sandy in Financial Aid.

Another thing to do: work with the Reed Bookstore. The Bookstore allows students to set up a payment plan for textbooks over the course of the semester so students can pay off books and course materials in smaller amounts over time (that’s instead of making one lump sum payment for everything on day one of classes). If you think that could help ease your current bind, please contact Jill Charvat in the Bookstore to set up a payment plan (Jill is the Accounting Supervisor).

And, as a last word, let me add that not all problems are financial. If you need assistance, or have concerns about another student who might, please contact the Care Team (, 503-777-7521, or drop by Eliot Hall 218 between 9-5 pm, M-F).

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