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Graded homework assignments are administered using the Sapling Learning online homework system. Please start your Sapling training early. You will need to complete some training sessions before you can work on homework (and the training helps you get the highest score you can). Go here for information on how to get started with Sapling. Due dates are listed at the bottom of this page.

The Chem 201 Sapling system also provides ungraded practice problems. Please make sure you understand the different expectations for graded and ungraded work.

  • Short graded assignments (approx. 4-12 problems) have been created for Days 1-23. These assignments are usually posted right after the TuTh class meets and are available from 2 pm on TuTh until a date 11-12 days in the future (see calendar at bottom of page). If you are unable to access or attempt an assignment for some reason, contact Alan to see what can be done to fix the problem and/or arrange an extension.
  • A much larger set of ungraded practice problems (approx. 10-30 problems/day) have also been created for Days 1-23. Two copies of the practice problems are available, but they may not look exactly the same when you try them because some problems are drawn at random from a pool of possible problems (this means you should ‘roll the dice’ more than once). Any of the practice assignments can be worked at any time during the fall (Sep 4-Dec 19). It doesn’t matter which set of problems, the graded ones or the ungraded ones, you try first.
  • Another set of ungraded practice problems have been created for special topics that appear either in lab (IR/NMR Spectroscopy) or late in the semester (molecular orbitals (MOs), synthetic planning). These topics appear only on Quiz 5 (IR/NMR) and/or the Final Exam (all special topics). To access these problems, log in to Sapling and scroll to the bottom of the practice problem list.

Note on drawing chemical structures & pushing electrons: Online practice offers some great features, including instant feedback, hints, and multiple attempts. That said, organic chemistry also requires you to develop good drawing skills. Drawing is necessary to work problems and show answers (and students often notice that the ability to draw accurately and quickly will affects their exam performance). In addition, neuroscientists have discovered that time spent drawing and handwriting enhances one’s ability to draw quickly and clearly, and helps you remember chemical information and relationships. To get drawing practice, draw your Sapling answers on a pad before you enter them online (the Sapling assignments are not timed so don’t rush). And don’t neglect the recommended end-of-chapter problems in your textbook. Always draw complete answers before checking them in the Solutions manual.

*** Let’s do some Sapling problems now. Take me to the login. ***

Fall 2019 – Sapling Assignment Calendar (graded assignments only)

          • Day 1, 9/5-16 (closed)
          • Day 2, 9/10-22 (closed)
          • Day 3, 9/12-23 (closed)
          • Day 4, 9/17-29 (closed)
          • Day 5, 9/19-30 (closed)
          • Day 6, 9/24-10/6 (closed)
          • Day 7, 9/26-10/7 (closed)
          • Day 8, 10/1-13 (closed) (note special Sapling instructions/training for drawing stereochemistry with wedges and dashes; you must show ALL FOUR bonds in your answer – a little uncertainty: I’m unsure if you need the special Sapling training for Day 8, but you definitely need it for Days 9-25)
          • Day 9, 10/3-14 (closed)
          • Day 10, 10/8-28 (closed)
          • Day 11, 10/10-28 (closed)
          • Day 12, 10/15-11/3 (closed)
          • Day 13, 10/17-11/4 (closed) (past students have found these difficult so try the practice problems first)
          • Day 14, 10/29-11/10 (closed)
          • Day 15, 10/31-11/11 (closed)
          • Day 16, 11/5-17 (closed)
          • Day 17, 11/7-18 (closed)
          • Day 18, 11/12-24 (closed)
          • Day 19, 11/14-25 (closed)
          • Day 20, 11/19-12/5 (closed)
          • Day 21, 11/21-12/6 (closed)
          • Day 22, 11/26-12/12 (closed)
          • Day 23, 12/3-15 (closed)

    *** Let’s do some Sapling problems now. Take me to the login. ***