Anticrastination anyone?

Procrastination is a problem. I have trouble dealing with it. Everyone that I know suffers from it. (Actually, “suffers” is the wrong word; “complains” would be more accurate. Procrastination can be a good thing, but if you find yourself complaining about not getting around to things, you have a problem.)

How do I procrastinate? Two ways. First, I don’t do things that I need to do. Second, I siphon my time into other things that don’t help at all. So what can I do? Fight back. Become an Anticrastinator.

Today’s At Reed describes two computer programs, Freedom and Anti-Social (no joke!) that can help you anticrastinate more effectively. These programs won’t make you do the stuff you ought to do, but they can keep you away highly distracting time siphons.

You might also be interested in signing up for one of the anticrastination workshops offered by Student Services. The complete schedule of academic workshops is posted here; RSVP encouraged, but drop-ins are welcome.

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  1. Alan Shusterman says:

    Received this comment from Tess: “another good one (and free!) is a Firefox add-on called leechblocker.

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