iPad lending using Apple Configurator: presentation

I recently gave a presentation on Reed’s use of Apple Configurator to manage iPads that we check out through the Reed library system. Since iPads are designed to be personal devices, the biggest challenge when making iPads available in this way is keeping the user experience as close as possible to the iPad’s intended use while simultaneously making sure the device is secure for each user. We do this by using Apple Configurator to erase all data on the iPad upon each return and re-apply a customized image that installs the system management profiles we have created and the apps we have purchased.

While using the iPad, a student is able to log into computing accounts as needed, including Google accounts (Reed email, Google Drive) and other cloud storage accounts. Material they create in any app can be emailed or uploaded to the cloud, allowing them access to their work after they return the iPad. When we chose apps to include on the checkout iPads, the ability to save and export work in this way was one of our main requirements.

Below is a copy of the full presentation and a copy of the 3-5 minute versions I gave at the recent ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries’s Professional Identity and Technology:Looking Forward) and NWACC (NW Academic Computing Consortium’s Instructional Technology Roundtable) conferences. There are many ways to use Apple Configurator, so this is by no means comprehensive.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Apple Configurator presentation-full

Apple Configurator presentation-abridged



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