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Editing Terms to Know

This is a brief list of video editing terms; there is plenty more to know that have been compiled elsewhere, from sites such as vimeo.com and videomaker.com. Camera shot and editing terms Here’s a few basics terms to know: Long … finish reading Editing Terms to Know

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Gather Multimedia Resources

Gather multimedia such as audio, images, and videoclips for your project. Keeping your sources organized Try to keep your sources organized. Suggestions for doing so: Add everything to a folder, with subfolders for images, audio, video, and/or text (add subfolders … finish reading Gather Multimedia Resources

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Developing a Storyboard

Storyboard Templates You can easily create a storyboard on paper, or use powerpoint or a word doc to help sketch out the story visually, with cues on what will occur during a specific moment or frame of the story. A … finish reading Developing a Storyboard

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Defining and Developing the Story

What makes a good story? Ideally stories should have a few common elements. If doesn’t have any of these, it most likely will be less engaging or interesting. Emotion. The story should created an emphatic response from reader/viewer. Often this … finish reading Defining and Developing the Story

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Developing a multimedia project

This slidedeck┬ápresents an overview of the process of putting together a multimedia project, whether it’s an audio podcast or a short video. The process can be broken down into three main areas:┬ápre-production, production, and post-production. (Note: These steps often overlap, … finish reading Developing a multimedia project

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