German Comedy

If you’re getting bored of German grammar and vocabulary exercises, try spicing up your learning with some comedy! Here are seven of Germany’s funniest sketch series and cartoon strips. (Please note that some content may be inappropriate.)

  • Knallerfrauen and Ladykracher:  Two of Germany’s funniest short, SNL/Monty Python-sketch style episodes, Knallerfrauen features Martina Hill, a young German woman who runs into troubles with family, dating, and other irreverent topics; Ladykracher is about a somewhat oblivious and socially-awkward woman.
  • Kesslers Knigge: A short sketch series, these videos take the from of “10 Dinge, die Sie nicht tun sollten, wenn…” (“10 Things You Shouldn’t Do, If…”). Sketches cover a wide variety of topics, from things you shouldn’t do in a museum, to things you shouldn’t do at a burial.
  •  and NICHTLUSTIG  are popular comedy websites, featuring cartoons in the style of “Far Side”, and TV commercial parody videos. Although the humor can be advanced, as it features German sarcasm, irony, and sometimes obscure references, most jokes are accessible through context.
  • ApoRed and Julien Bam: Two of Germany’s most famous YouTubers, ApoRed and Julien Bam make parody videos and songs, vlogs, and prank sketches. Although aimed more toward teens, some videos are quite funny.