New Stuff for Fall '10

Classes won’t start for another 10 days and I will be making a number of changes to this web page before then. please check back from time to time to learn about the latest changes. Friday, Aug 20, 2010

Pre-registration, wait lists, and all that …

  • You must complete the
    prerequisites for Chem 201 before you can preregister. That means if
    you took intro chem (the equivalent of Chem 101/102, lecture + lab) at
    another school this summer, you need to provide evidence of satisfactory
    completion of these courses to Reed’s Registrar’s Office before SOLAR
    will allow you to preregister for Chem 201. This requirement may create difficulties for some students because it often takes a few days to process transfer requests. Here’s a shortcut: bring me a signed note on Th-F, Aug 26-7, from your introductory chemistry instructor (email is also acceptable)
    that says you have completed the entire intro chem sequence, lecture and labs, with grades of C- or
    better, I will override
    SOLAR’s prerequisite requirement so that you can preregister for Chem 201. posted Friday, Aug 20
  • New lab section – Friday, 1-5 PM. 69 students have preregistered for Chem 201 lecture, but only 62 for lab. The others have put their names on waiting lists (or so I hope). To accommodate everyone’s schedule, we have added a fourth lab section on Friday afternoon. It appears in SOLAR as #11096, CHEM 201 FL4. We will not be making any other changes in the lab schedule. For safety reasons lab sections are capped at 24 students so it is necessary for everyone to find a spot in the four lab sections that are now available. (see all Hours & Locations) posted Friday, Aug 20
  • New conference section – Thursday, 12-1 PM. 24 students have already preregistered for the noon conference and there might be more on a waiting list. Because “conference” can’t function in a useful way when there are more than 16 students in a room, we have added a second room (Chem 301). The Registrar will (re)assign students to particular sections and rooms to keep all conference enrollments at 16 or less. Please attend the conference + room that the Registrar assigns you to. (see all Hours & Locations) posted Tuesday, Aug 24

Updates & New Stuff

  • Spartan Model 2 replaces plastic model kit as required item (also read) posted Friday, Aug 20
  • Luc Boisvert (visiting prof.) replaces Pat McDougal (sabbatical 2010-11) as conference and lab instructor posted Friday, Aug 20
  • A syllabus has been posted that provides information about each class and exam dates. Expect additions and other changes. posted Tuesday, Aug 24
  • The Exams page has been updated. It contains exam dates and ground rules. Links to old exams will be added later. posted Tuesday, Aug 24
  • All students should purchase a clicker on Friday, Aug 27 (if you forget, you can still purchase one the following week). Bring your clicker to all of the 9 AM lectures starting with the first class on Mon, Aug 30. See Clickers and Books & Materials for more information. posted Thursday, Aug 26
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