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Advice on working with models

Problem-solving and working with molecular models are fundamentally different activities. It's natural to feel some urgency when you practice solving problems, and the more you practice solving a certain kind of problem, the easier and faster it should get.This is… Continue reading

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C12 H25 Cl O2

Problem 2B on yesterday's conference assignment contained the wrong formula for the intermolecular substitution product. It should be C12 H25 Cl O2.Other comments: problem #3 was basically covered in lecture so please flip the page and try your hand on… Continue reading

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Contemplating the rest of the semester

Exam #2 has been graded. Scores are based on a 100-point scale just like the first exam and are written in a box on the last page of the exam.You can pick up your exam from Kathy Kennedy on Wednesday… Continue reading

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