Russian Language Mentor

The Russian Language Mentor has a great collection of resources spanning 14 categories:

    • Developing Language Proficiency Reading
    • Developing Language Proficiency Listening
    • Developing Russian Cultural Literacy (in English)
    • Cultural Literacy Interactive Research Index
    • Grammar Review and Mailbadg
    • Crossword Challenge: Building Vocabulary
    • Fundamentals of Case Grammar
    • Internet Resources (Link to SEELRC Webliographies)
    • Developing Scientific and Technical Literacy
    • Intermediate Russian Grammar Exercises
    • Country Study eProtfolio
    • The Irregardless Gallery at the Boris and Gleb Tea Room
    • Virtual Slavic Club
    • Reading Listening Library


Under each category, there are different topics. When you chose a category, you will see a description of the category. For more material, you can follow the navigation panel on the left to go through each step, or you can jump directly to “materials”. (See an example below.)


When you are on the materials page, you will see seven modules; each one contains 25 reading exercises. You can navigate through the exercises one by one or skip to the one you want by clicking on the number.  In each exercise, after you answer the question, the “mentor” will tell you if you are right or wrong, and it will give you more detailed knowledge to help you understand your mistakes, if any.



Each category has a slightly different layout and has some unique characteristics. For example, the Crossword Challenge is a fun way to help build vocabulary. There are different types of puzzles for you to choose from.


Russian Language Mentor is great for self-paced learning and it could serve as supplemental materials for the Russian classes. It is one of the best interactive learning tools I have found in my recent searches, and it is absolutely free.

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