Six Spanish Shorts to Watch Over Winter Break

Headed into the break but still want to practice your Spanish? Check out these six Spanish short films for quick and easy immersion! Each film is directed and filmed for and by native Spanish speakers, and they come from a wide range of countries. Many of the shorts are also favorites at film festivals around the world! Make sure to check out Uno by Javier Marco. For more Spanish shorts, check out Short of the Week, and sort by country to find more foreign language short films.

Detrás Del Espejo (Behind the Mirrors) by Julio O. Ramos

Best for: Beginners
Genre: Action
Location: Peru
Watch for: an exciting short with a dramatic end

Detrás del Espejo is a gritty Spanish film focused on a couple running a motel. The husband tries to support his pregnant wife through shady business ventures, but the plot unravels when a body is discovered in a motel room. Although only around 11 minutes long, the film is exciting and deals with issues of morality surrounding the main characters. Should a person’s intentions and motivations ever excuse their actions?

This film relies on a short dialogue between characters to explain many nuances. Much of the language happens to be fairly easy to understand even for intermediate Spanish learners, and English subtitles are available to supplement. To watch the film, simply view above.

Minerita by Raúl de la Fuente

Best for: Almost proficient learners.
Genre: Documentary
Location: Bolivia
Watch for: a harrowing and very honest portrayal  

Minerita is a short documentary film focusing on the incredibly difficult and dangerous life led by Night Guards in a Bolivian mine. The three women followed by the film face the risk of violence both in the home and in the mines. To protect themselves, they carry TNT and rocks to throw.

The movie itself is harder to find on streaming platforms but is still well worth a watch. Even nearly proficient Spanish speakers may want to use subtitles because of the rapid speed and occasional slang used by the women interviewed. The trailer is linked above.

San Miguel by Cris Gris

Best for: Intermediate speakers
Genre: Drama
Location: Mexico
Watch for: its beautiful shots and brilliant acting

San Miguel follows a young girl as she tries to grapple with her mother’s grief over a death in the family. Beautifully shot and acted, the film focuses much of its attention on the young girl’s relationship with her religion.

This short doesn’t rely on much dialogue and can be understood relatively well simply by watching the shots. However, an intermediate speaker should be able to follow the movie without subtitles, and a beginner might want to use English subtitles while watching the film. The film can be viewed above.

Verde by Victoria Rivera

Best for: Beginners and Intermediates
Genre: Drama
Location: Colombia
Watch for: a realistic and bittersweet glimpse into childhood

Verde is a well-shot portrayal of adolescense. The relationship between two sisters takes center stage, as a mundane day is predicted. It’s through subtle moments that a viewer sees shifts happening in the sisters’ relationship.

This film should be understandable to both beginner and intermediate speakers, as most of the language spoken in the film is by children. English subtitles are also available. The film can be viewed above.

Uno by Javier Marco

Best for: Intermediate speakers
Genre: Drama
Location: Spain
Watch for: a moving short about loss and compassion.

This film is simple but quite beautiful. A phone in a plastic bag is found ringing—in the middle of the ocean—by a group of fishermen. Touching on one of the world’s biggest crises, this film has a powerful message.

This film would best suit intermediate speakers but is still a good watch for beginner and experienced speakers alike. Subtitles are available, and the film can be viewed above.

Con Amor by Stephen Cole Webley

Best for: intermediate speakers
Genre: Drama
Location: Chile
Watch for: its questions about morality

This short film focuses on a young single mother and a conflict over morality when her brother comes to her in the middle of the night covered in blood. Thereafter, the woman faces a number of decisions concerning morality and revenge. The ending can also be interpretted in many ways.

This film’s Spanish should be understandable at an intermediate level, and English subtitles are also available. The full film is linked above.