Labyrinth – A Walking Path for 2024

Gary Granger will be restoring the labyrinth to the Great Lawn on Thursday, April 18. The winding path will stay in place at least 10 days, making it available for all of Earth Day, April 22, and Renn Fayre weekend, April 26-28.

If you are unfamiliar with the Reed labyrinth, check out this announcement from 2023.

For those who are unfamiliar with labyrinths, they offer a quick introduction to the key features of walking meditation: walking slowly (otherwise you’ll get lost), paying attention (otherwise you’ll get lost for sure), and practicing letting go of distractions and notions (the labyrinth ends where it begins – there is no “destination” – when your goals arise, notice them, and let them go).

Please try it out!

Thank you, Gary <3

One thought on “Labyrinth – A Walking Path for 2024

  1. Gary Granger

    To Alan, thank you for sharing this with folks. I walk the labyrinth in profound gratitude for the gift of being at an institution and in a work community that not only allows, but vigorously supports and encourages the wellbeing of its members and all who visit. I look forward to seeing people in the labyrinth. The original design was created by Lars Howlett in 2023. The current incarnation is my expression of that original form and is marked by 1,000 wooden disks I cut from fallen branches at my home. Please come and enjoy. Gary

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