About Us

Silent meditation practice offers us an opportunity to step back from the pressing activities of daily life and just observe. Sitting still we can be aware of thoughts, sensations, and emotions, without having to act on them, judge their merits, seek their origins, or pursue them to logical conclusions. Awareness of thoughts as ‘just thoughts’, sensations as ‘just sensations’, and so on, can bring us into a new relationship with our experience of life.

Lunchtime open meditation at Reed was launched in fall 2012 by chemistry professor Alan Shusterman with the intent of providing a convenient and supportive meditation-type environment open to all members of the Reed community and their guests. This web site, A Quiet Place, was established in summer 2013 to provide more information about our schedule and practice, and to connect readers with other sources of information about meditation and its application. Members of the Reed community who are interested in participating are encouraged to subscribe to our mailing list. If you would like more information about the group beyond what you find here, contact Alan.

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