Sit Now

How about meditating right now, wherever you are? Here is a little help: some guided meditations in the form of YouTube videos, and streaming/mp3 audio files that can help you take a short break right now.

Guided Mindfulness

  • 3 min – Susan O’Grady (YouTube)
  • 11 min – Morning MeditOcean – Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Jellies (YouTube)
  • 15 min – One Square Inch of Silence (Hoh Rainforest) – let yourself be guided by nature’s audio
  • 20 min – Jon Kabat Zinn – Breathscape & Bodyscape – lightly guided (YouTube)

Timed Bells for Silent Meditation. Just you, some bells, and silence.

For longer meditation times, downloadable mp3 files, and links to timer apps that you can use on your phone or computer, see Meditation Timers at Audio Dharma.