Our Schedule

Summer SCHEDULE (June-August 2019)

Open meditation at Reed will take place nearly every Tuesday, January-March 2019 (and beyond) in the Eliot chapel during the noon hour, 12-1 pm.

Location. Most of our sessions will take place in the Eliot chapel. The chapel is located on the 2nd floor of Eliot hall directly above the Admissions office. You can enter from the south (Great) lawn through the ‘Admissions Office’ door facing the lawn, and then go up the stairs to your left to enter the chapel. Or, enter the building through any other door, take stairs to the 2nd floor and enter the chapel through the doors at the west end of the hallway. (Special rooms: Rm 314, July 9 – this room is located on the same floor at the chapel, but at the other (east) end of the building’s long hallway from the chapel. Rm 103, July 30 – this room is located in the basement. Take any stairway you find down to the bottom level and roam the hallway until you find Room 103)

Times. You are welcome to meditate at ANY time between 12 and 1. Feel free to drop by whenever, sit down for a spell, and leave when you feel you’re ready to move on.

Bell clock. Bells serve as a reminder, a call to awareness. On a college campus, they have traditionally performed another service, as a clock. Because most of us will be fitting meditation into our class/work schedule, half of the noon hour, 12:10-12:40, is organized as a ‘scheduled’ meditation session with bells serving as time markers. Bell (clock) schedule: 3 bells @ 12:10, 1 bell @ 12:20 and 1 bell @ 12:30, 3 bells @ 12:40.

Tentatively remaining dates for Summer Break and beyond:

  • Tuesdays in July – 2, 9*, 16, 23, 30** (*July 9 in Eliot Hall, Rm 314), (**July 30 in Eliot Hall, Rm 103)
  • Tuesdays in August – 6, 13, 20, 27

Get updates. All dates and locations are subject to last-minute change, especially if Alan is traveling. Join our mailing list to receive schedule reminders & updates, or ask Alan (alan@reed.edu) to share the Reed Meditation Google calendar with you so that you can receive automatic reminders.

Questions about our schedule, how we practice, or how to meditate can be sent to Alan Shusterman (alan@reed.edu).