C7 H10 O3 contest – Week #2 Results

The C7 H10 O3 contest continues with three new entries. The winning team nearly hit the jackpot: 140 references. Congratulations Orissa and Rachel !!

The other teams submitted molecules that looked pretty interesting to me, but I guess organic chemists haven’t had a chance to study them yet. No hits.

C7H10O3 week 2.gif

The contest continues with the same rules for one more week:

The rules for entering the contest this FINAL week: any 3-5 people in the class may combine on an
entry and turn it in to me by lab lecture next Th (Sept 25). Just draw
an isomer of C7 H10 O3 on a piece of paper, add your names, and you’re
in! There are two constraints: winners from weeks #1 and #2 should not
re-enter (give others a chance!) and I won’t accept multiple entries
from the same person.

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