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Did You Lose Your Section?

The Registrar's Office has reassigned lab and/or conference sections for several students. Please check your class schedule this weekend to see whether it has been affected. If changes were made, they were made for a reason. You must attend your… Continue reading

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Four Unsolved Problems

(initial version published Aug 20, 2008)Once you get used to them, you may find that the problems in your textbook have a game-like quality. If you make the right mental "moves", you will nearly always solve the problem. It's a… Continue reading

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The Joys of Being a Chemistry Student

(first published Aug 20, 2008)My first genuine taste of organic chemistry came in my sophomore year of college (73-74). I studied from a large (1000 page) textbook not too different from yours. There was a lot to remember, but I… Continue reading

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