Did You Lose Your Section?

The Registrar’s Office has reassigned lab and/or conference sections for several students. Please check your class schedule this weekend to see whether it has been affected. If changes were made, they were made for a reason. You must attend your assigned section for now (note: labs do not meet this week), but there is a small chance (described below) that you can change your section again.Students are re-assigned for two reasons:

  1. To avoid over-enrolling labs (these are capped at 24)
  2. To avoid overcrowding in conferences (enrollments are equalized across sections)

Unfortunately, these very necessary reassignments must be made without any knowledge of your non-academic schedule. Therefore, you may find that your new schedule is incompatible with a job, a sports team, singing in the choir, and so on. What can you do?

Plan A. I have precious little ability to meet requests for section changes. If you can possibly re-organize your schedule to make your new sections assignments fit, please please please … PLEASE reschedule your other time commitments.

Plan B. If you absolutely cannot reorganize your schedule, there is a small chance that I can help you out. There are a couple of openings in each lab. No openings presently exist in any of the conferences.

On Monday, I will collect the names of all students who absolutely need to change sections along with information about their current section assignment and their desired section. Later that day, I will figure out what I can do about lab requests (note: labs do not meet this week). I will also try to respond to conference requests by asking for “volunteers” who are willing to swap conference sections with students-in-need. Unfortunately, I can make no promises.

Whatever I come up with, please remember that you must attend your assigned section.

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