Vaux Swift Watch 2009

This has nothing to do with o chem, but watching 5000+ small birds fly
into a chimney (they sleep there) is one of the most fascinating and FREE displays of
urban wildlife you will ever see and it coincides with the start of the
school year. I try to catch it at least a few times every year and I
will be there tonight. Here’s some helpful info for swift viewing:

Directions: The chimney is located at the west end (hilly side) of Chapman Elementary school. The school is located next to a park on NW 25th between NW Pettygrove & NW Raleigh. After you see the swifts, you can walk over to NW 23rd for dessert – many many establishments will be happy to serve you between 7-9 PM. Map
Best viewing: Get there about 20 minutes before sunset and watch the birds collect and feed. It takes awhile for all of them to go into the chimney so you’ll be there after sunset (full moon tonite). Most people watch from the hillside on NW Pettygrove.
Portland Audobon web info

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