Lecture slides – Fri Sept 4

Except for the computer troubles, I thought today’s lecture went surprisingly well. Too bad that we didn’t get through the entire set of slides, but I’ll show them to you on Monday. Here is a copy of the slides from today’s lecture.
Your questions were especially helpful. I’ve added information and
adjusted colors on some of the slides on the basis of questions that
you raised. Please come see me with additional questions on any part of
chapter 1 (note: except for the couple of remaining slides, I will move
on to chapter 2 on Wed).

PowerPt in advance?
This question always pops up – why can’t I give you (or post) a copy of
my presentation the day before the lecture? The simple answer: because
there aren’t any slides to share with you on the day before. I’m
writing slides right up to the last minute. There are other issues too
(what is a useful image size? color v. gray scale? paper copy or post?
and so on). Bottom-line: I never distribute complete lectures in

That said, I confess that I always feel guilty using
PowerPt and I generally try to avoid it, but there are some xceptions:
photos, models, complicated diagrams/formulas, and stuff like that all
look better in PowerPt. So here’s what I will do:

  • I will POST all PowerPts AFTER lecture
  • I
    will try to bring copies of critical images (small versions) to lecture
    (I couldn’t do that today because I arrived on campus just moments
    before the lecture started)
  • If you ask me to ‘wait’ or ‘go back’ a slide during lecture so that you can copy the info down, I usually will
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