Exam #2 results

Exam #2 has been graded and is available for you to pick up in Kathy Kennedy’s office.

Kathy will be out of the office on Th-F during Fall Break so please stop by early in the week if you want your exam back. If you would like to meet with me, I will be here the rest of Monday afternoon and most of the day on Tuesday. I will be out of town from W-Su.
The results for the exam were both better and worse than I had expected. First, the good news:

  • the top two scores were actually higher on this exam than on exam #1
  • the median score was 73, which was about 5 points higher than I was expecting 🙂
  • the median was almost the same as exam #1 (75)

Now, the “other” news:

  • the distribution of scores was broader this time around, with fewer scores in the 80’s and 90’s, but not unusually broad when compared with other Chem 201 classes
    • 4 scores at 90+ (7 scores at 90+ on exam #1)
    • 11 scores at 80-89 (21 scores at 80-89 on exam #1)
    • 20 scores at 70-79
    • 12 scores at 60-69
    • 16 scores at 59 or less (4 scores at 59 or less on exam #1)
  • The number of people with seriously low scores (59 or less) has expanded.

was to be expected, the material has gotten harder. This means some
students will have to work harder (or differently) in order to regain
the levels displayed on exam #1. If you would like to talk about how you work, what you might be able to do differently, or what seems to be interfering with your progress,
please stop by.

Answers haven’t been posted yet, but it won’t be long.

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