How to finish the acetylferrocene lab

We do not have any lab work scheduled for this week or beyond. The only
thing that needs to be accomplished by most students is printing the NMR
spectrum of acetylferrocene. This can be done during the lab periods
this week, but you can also do it on your own.

Instructions for printing the NMR spectrum have been added to the Week
section of the acetylferrocene procedure (see lab manual). Please
note that two pages are required.

The lab assistants will be available in the lab from 1-1:30 each day
this week. If no one comes to lab by 1:30, they will go into the
computer room to help out there. If no 201 students seek their help in
the computer room by 2:00, the lab assistants will be free to leave.
After that, all NMR printing will have to be unassisted.

Instructions for writing the acetylferrocene lab report have also been
updated. I will give one final lecture on NMR spectroscopy that also
pertains to the lab report. This will be the Thursday evening *after*
Thanksgiving, Dec 2. The lab reports are due Wednesday, Dec 8.

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