Preregistration for Fall 2012

Chem 201 will experiment with a new schedule in Fall 2012 (but Chem 202 will stick with the traditional schedule). So for 201 only:

  • Two lecture sections to choose from: MW 3:10-4:20 OR TuTh 10:30-11:50. They will cover identical material. The only difference is when they meet. Students are asked to attend only the section that they have signed up for, but this rule will be relaxed in case of student illness. So preregister for one section.
  • No conferences (but Chem 202 will have Thursday conferences)
  • Lab days are MTF, 1:10-5:00 (no W lab in the fall). Students are asked to attend only the section that they have signed up for. It is not unusual for students to swap lab sections during the first week of the semester (and if enrollments are sufficiently high, we will add a fourth lab section, but we aren't there yet). Preregister for one lab section.
  • Lab lecture has moved to F 9:00-9:50. Attendance at lab lecture is not required and I will permit students to sign up for other 9 AM classes that might conflict with the lab lecture. That said, you are still responsible for all of the material presented in lab lecture and I strongly discourage students who have a conflict from taking the F afternoon lab.

The prerequisites for Chem 201 are Chem 101/102, lecture + lab, or their equivalent. Students who have not completed the prerequisites cannot preregister for 201. This includes students who plan to take the equivalent of 101/102 during the summer.

Students need to provide evidence of satisfactory completion of summer (or other transfer) courses to Reed's Registrar's Office before SOLAR will allow them to preregister for Chem 201. No exceptions. However, I will allow students to use the following loopholes at the end of the summer/start of the Fall semester so that they can pre-register and settle their schedule and so that we can get a more accurate count of enrollment:

  • End-of-summer loophole #1: if you bring me a signed note on Th-F, Aug 23-4, from your summer introductory chemistry instructor (email is also acceptable) that says you have completed the entire intro chem sequence, lecture and labs, with grades of C- or better, I will override SOLAR's prerequisite requirement so that you can preregister for Chem 201. You will still need to file your transfer documents with the Registrar's Office ASAP.
  • End-of-summer loophole #2: if you are taking intro chem at PSU this summer, your final exam will probably be held Aug 24 so you probably won't have a final grade until classes start at Reed. If you believe that you are earning a passing grade in lecture and lab going in to your final week of PSU classes, simply ask the instructor(s) of your third term lecture and lab to email me your academic status ("status" means confirming that you passed the first two terms of intro chem lecture/lab + confirming that there is a highly likelihood that you will pass the third term lecture/lab). You will still need to file your transfer documents with the Registrar's Office ASAP once they become available.
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