Lab schedule for Week #1

Not everyone has found a place in lab yet (see previous post), but that’s OK because we aren’t going to do any ‘wet’ experiments during the first week of classes. Here’s the plan for week #1 broken down by day and lab section:

  • Sept 2, M – Labor Day (no class)
  • Sept 3, Tu – Tu lab meets at Chemistry loading dock at 1:10 PM for fire extinguisher training. From there go inside to C209 (our lab) for the first half of a safety and lab policy meeting (starts at 1:30). Next, if you haven’t already done so, read the relevant portions of the Chemistry Safety Manual. Complete the Safety Quiz that will be distributed in lab. Sign the Safety Contract. Meet back at C209 at 3:00 to go over the Quiz and turn in your signed Safety Contract and Quiz.
  • Sept 4, W – same as Tu
  • Sept 5, Th – same as Tu
  • Sept 6, F – same as Tu, but meet at loading dock at 2:45 PM and in C209 at 3:15/4:30

If you are enrolled in the Tu or W labs, please attend on your lab day. If you are enrolled in the M lab or if you haven’t yet found a lab, you can attend any day, but W/Th are best and Tu/F are worst.

Wondering what is coming ahead? Check out the lab manual link and the lab calendar link (click on a blue box to see what is scheduled).

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