Not in the lab (you want)? Patience…

61 students had signed up for lab lecture as of last Wednesday. As of today (Saturday), there are 68 lab students: 24 students in the M lab, 24 students in the Tu lab, and 14 students in the W lab (and 10 students on wait lists). We have room for 72. There should be room for everybody, but I have learned the hard way that allowing students to sign up for all of the classes they need (or want) independently of other students almost never produces a useful set of enrollments.

I don’t have a solution for any of this yet so I am going to spend the next few days playing ‘wait and see’. Here’s what I think will happen:

  • The wait list students will come tell me their stories (why you need to take Chem 201 and why you need to be in the M/Tu lab instead of W)
  • Some students will do us all a Big Favor (really!) and switch from M or Tu labs to the W lab
  • The wait list students (and maybe others) will ask themselves some existential questions about class schedules: Do I need to take Chem 201 right now or is it something that can wait until another year? Do I need to take the course that conflicts with the W 201 lab right now or can that course wait until another year? Is there more than one way to be happy?

In the meantime some lab periods will slip by and we will approach the Add deadline (Sept 13). Don’t worry about missing lab. We won’t start ‘wet’ experiments in Chem 201 during the first (shortened) week of classes. But that’s the subject of another post

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