Long field trip!

All returned safely from our long field trip to western Sicily and Tunisia — incredible sites, fine weather, and not too rough a crossing to Africa (though getting through passport control was another matter)…




Selinunte (where we finally mastered double-angle contraction):




Dougga, with tortoise:

Thumbnail image for StudDougga.jpg





And Piazza Armerina:


More pictures of the sites on the pages to the right…

And I missed the entry for our field trip right before this to Naxos. Pictures of the site are also available to the right, but we also took the afternoon off and went swimming. There were some very large waves…


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3 Responses to Long field trip!

  1. Martine says:

    Hello Nigel and Ginia,

    found your blog – how wonderful to read about the program, the trips, to get to see Marc and Eleanor! Ginia, have you got an e-mail address? Am still in Western France, getting ever more involved in corporate training, which these days includes “lunch talks” on the US election! Our HR Director says they are more important than the French ones last year. Will be watching the results with the American expat community in a real diner on Rue des Ecoles in Paris (and taking Wednesday off – LOL!)

    Much love,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Martine, I just sent you an email from kingv@catlin.edu–let me know if you get it!! xogk

  3. Jen says:

    Large waves in Naxos? No! Kidding, I still remember being knocked of my feet!

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