In its own way PANTALICA is one of the most stunning sites in Europe, a vast necroplis built into the sides of stunning gorges. The tombs date mainly from the late Mycenean period and then from the century before the Greek colonies arrived. Also on the top of the headland is a famous building, the Anaktoron, that dates from the early period and seems to have been the residence of a chief. On the south side there is a room built with very large stones which seems to have been a place for metal working — perhaps part of the power of the chiefly family lay in monopolizing metal production:





Two of the tombs were converted into chapels in the Byzantine period, when the site once again became inhabited. In these chapels you can still see the wall paintings; you can just make out the figures represented here. The chapel is in a stunning site, overlooking a steep drop down to the river below (which is part of a large National Nature Reserve, and itself well worth a visit).