Mark in September!

Dear Reader!

I started School on September 15th. I go to Mario Rapisardi Elementary. They offer lots and lots of different sports, including horseback riding, swimming, tennis, soccer and volleyball. Here is me playing vollyeball. It's a bit dark.


My teacher is named Matilda. When someone over 13 comes in the room, we all have to go back to our desks and stand facing them until they leave. We have to say Buon giorno, and once they are out the door, Matilda says "Sedute" and we all ahve to say grazie!

One of the main public transportation units is the metro, a subway train. I take the metro to school, and we get off at the fourth stop (italia). The second stop is the station, and is above ground:



We went to Naxos October 5th. We saw the first Greek city in Sicily and then we went to the beach. We found five crabs. Here is one:


There are lots of rock pools, which are formed by a lava flow that flowed into the sea there.