Well, it is the end of the semester and everyone has either left now or is in the process of leaving; we had our final dinner on Wednesday after the final final — the interpretation of two works in Catania’s Museo Civico.


The weather is glorious, but it is a little melancholy — the end of my year in Sicily also beckons, though we are planning a trip to southern France to see the temples, amphitheatres and aqueducts there, and a few treats remain in Sicily, including the opening of the Catania theatre later this month after 8 years of renovations. But for new students in the fall a new director awaits… Professor Ian Sutherland of Gallaudet, a co-director of the dig at Stabiae, near Pompeii, and someone with considerable experience leading field trips as well as classes. Good luck to Ian and the new students! To the old students, stay in touch, and remember: You were the oikists of ICCS Sicily!


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