Mark in Sicily

Dear friends

I hope you are all well.

I am going to tell you about what I am doing in;


  • The streets are  full of scooters.the  Duomo (ancient Sicilian cathedral, pronounced “duomo”) is SUPER annoying at night because it rings every quarter of an hour.


  • The first day we were in Sicily we went to the Saturday market.You would not believe all the butcher stands.There were dead cows, chickens, pigs and wild boar.
  • The next day we  went to my dads colleague’s house and with his wife we went to the fish market.There was tuna,sword fish head, squid, octopus, eel, mackerel, lungfish, shrimp, oysters, mussels and lots of sardines and  anchovies.
  • The next day my mom got a call from her friend from high school.Her friend’s husband’s band was doing a tour of 10 o’clock we left for Noto( city in Sicily) at eleven o’clock we were listening to the band playing the loudest blues I have ever heard. It took another hour to get home to our apartment.
  • The next day we went to a gravel beach and it had huge waves. It had a river running into it called the Fiumefreddo which came down from Mount Etna (a big active volcano), which made the ocean really cold because there is ice on mount Etna. Fiumefreddo means River-cold. Just north of the river, the water is twice as warm!
  • on Saturday 16th we went to the beach. I went swimming in the ocean; the waves were super strong in the first 5 meters because the beach was very steep there  — after that you just had to tread water, and you just go straight over the big waves as they pass . And when you wanted to head back you had to wait until the big waves were gone and it was calm. In the morning, we went to a great Roman theater — which people use for shows like rock concerts today too!