Office Hours (tent.) for Fall '09

40 of you responded to my Doodle poll and the results were really helpful. I am going to try out the following as office hours for this semester:

  • Tues, 4-5:30* PM (look for me in the o chem lab as well as in my office)
  • Wed, 10-12 AM
  • Fri, 2-4 PM

*The Tuesday office hours will start in lab assuming that the
lab runs that long. Look for me there if I’m not in my office. Also, my
wife takes an evening class on Tuesdays and we meet for dinner before
her class. That means I will leave my office immediately at 5:30 and,
if no one has shown up by 5:15, I will leave even earlier.

One of the things that I thought about in choosing Tu/W is that this
gives you two different days to come in and talk about homework
assignments (these are due Thurs, handed back Mon).

Remember that you can come and talk to me anytime, not just office hours. I’ll let you know if you’ve arrived at an inconvenient time.

I am also trying to work out a schedule for the Green Science Project
and its possible (but unlikely) that I will shift or eliminate one of these office
hours to accommodate the Project.

You can get information about my office hours (and info on how to contact all of the 201 instructors) from the Fast Facts: Instructors page. My Google calendar, complete with class and office hours is also available from my home page. Just click Schedule.

Oh, and one other thing … just like you, I need to *learn* my
schedule so bear with me if I occasionally forget to be in my office.

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