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Notes on epoxides and other Chapter 11 stuff

A few reflections on the material from Monday morning's lecture.Epoxide ring-opening. First, epoxides can react with strong nucleophiles without adding acid. The strained ring makes the epoxide reactive. These reactions look like SN2 reactions.Second, epoxides can react with much weaker… Continue reading

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Printing Acetylferrocene NMR – 2009

Instructions for completing the acetylferrocene lab were posted online in 2008 and they still look relevant to me, so let's try them again. The 2008 NMR printing instructions are posted here. I do not have a due date yet for… Continue reading

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Exam #3 results

I posted answer keys for Homework #7 and for Exam #3 over the weekend. I have also finished grading Exam #3 and I tried to hand back as many exams as I could during class today. If you didn't receive… Continue reading

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