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Exam #4 answers

The answers to the final exam have been posted on the Exams page.I haven't finished reading the exams yet (I've read page one of about 40 exams so far), but an interesting thought occurred to me this past week that… Continue reading

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The Paper Trail

I will try to keep you up-to-date by email, but here is where things stand:HW #1-7 – everything that I have ever received has been read and returned. If you don't have your assignment, check the box outside my door…. Continue reading

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Q&A session for Final Exam

Where: Rm. 301, ChemistryWhen: Sunday, Dec 13, 1:45-3:00I decided to go with Rm. 301 because the number of students attending these Q&A sessions has fallen considerably. I hope there will be enough room. The Chem 101 people will want to… Continue reading

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(Somewhat) polar C-H bonds

Today’s activity (ChemActivity 34R) used potential surfaces to assign charges to hydrogen atoms in ethylene and acetylene. The charge trend goes like this (I’ve added ethane for good measure):(least +) H in ethane < H in ethylene < H in… Continue reading

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Move over Facebook

The web is a great place to waste, uh, invest one's spare time, assuming one has any time to spare. YouTube, Facebook, they all have their aficianados, but my cousin Arkee, a retired professor at Tel Aviv University, just alerted… Continue reading

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The Fume Hood

with gratitude to PHD comics, the most inspired observers of the modern "scientific condition" …click on image for full picture… Continue reading

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